Happy New Year!

Looking back over the past year its hard to believe how far Beach Metal Photos has come. It started as something to do to keep my sanity during covid and has led to a growing business, new friends & acquaintances, and new adventures. I've tried new techniques, leaned new skills, experimented with new gear, and even took a chance on real estate photography.

With another trip around the sun nearly complete 2024 is now upon us. Do you make New Year's resolutions? I generally do not, but I do look for improvements I can make in my life and strive towards them. For my photography this year I want to get a handle on flash and lighting, and I also want to continue to network and gain new clients. If time permits I may also try to take another class, or look into photography groups for a new learning experience.

Wishing you Peace in this new year!



Fireworks at sunset
Flowers, Sand, and Woods...and Fireworks!

In late October I spent a fantastic evening at Brick's Fall Fest. The weather was perfect, the crowd was fun, the beer was good, the sunset was beautiful, and the fireworks were spectacular. This was my first serious attempt at photographing fireworks and it was a successful learning experience. I'm looking forward to more in 2024.

I'm also looking forward to working on more still life reflection shots this winter. Incorporating flash and using reflectors will be an added challenge.


1968 Firebird front end
Shows, Cruises, and Cars & Coffees

The big news this past fall was that we finally found a classic of our own. A 1968 Pontiac Firebird has joined our family and we are starting down the road to restore her and make her ours. I'm looking forward to not only photographing shows and cruises next year but participating also. Keep an eye out for her new look.

New Endeavors....

Late in the year I started an Etsy shop for some of my prints and my "Fractured Photomontages." Its a work in progress and my goal is to have it sorted out by spring. In addition I got my feet wet doing in person sales at a small friends and family "pop-up shop" event. It was a true learning experience and I was thrilled with the positive feedback on my photos, both the Beach side and the Metal side. I am looking forward to another one we are planning in the spring - stay tuned for details.